• Teaching at a “Prime Time” event at Camp Asbury
  •  Teaching a day long event in Atlanta exploring the exciting, creative, confusing, challenging world of Boomers.
  • Teaching Course of Study for Lay Pastors
  • Teaching at a national conference for Large Membership Churches in Little Rock
  • Teaching a webinar for participants across the country
  • Teaching a day long event for Older Adult Ministry in Nashville
  • Teaching for Senior Options For Independence (SOFI)

I am now writing a series of blog articles that go through the alphabet on strategies for successful aging.
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Barbara Bruce is honored to be the
recipient of the first Debra J. Mayberry Inspiration Award from the Alzheimer's Association for her work with successful aging.

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One of my favorite books is Belief Without Borders by Dr. Linda Mercadante.

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BGFL Multiple Intelligences: you can learn about how your own mind thinks and works. Try taking the test to see what elements of your intelligence are the strongest.


Welcome to my Website

I'm delighted that something has tweaked your interest and caused you to search out the two most exciting areas of my training: learning brain and successful aging.

I am an educator with a passion for teaching/learning about both the learning brain and a holistic approach to successful aging. I believe that the mind, body, and spirit are intertwined to make us who we are as individuals. To that end, I consider all three in my presentations, books and articles.

Aging well and maintaining brain fitness are very hot topics, especially as Baby Boomers race toward turning sixty at the rate of one every seven seconds. Like all of us, they want to know!

I believe that aging successfully begins at birth. Everything we do in life helps or hinders this process. Learning simple (not necessarily easy) tools and techniques can guide you on a path of aging well. It is never too late or too early to take steps in this process. Aging well is a life long journey and can begin at any time for any person.

My interest in brain fitness was born out of an experience that expanded the direction of my research and passion to include both "learning brain" and "aging brain". My father lived 400 miles away and I did not see him terribly often. I didn't cry at his funeral. I cried six weeks earlier when I went to give him a hug and he did not know who I was. I work at brain fitness for a very selfish reason - I want to keep my own brain fit and functioning for as long as possible. I work at brain fitness in the hope of preventing other folks from having a similar experience to mine with someone they love.

I also consider life experience to be a great teacher. Every time I prepare to teach, I learn fascinating new information about my topic and myself.

My primary and foundational vocation is teaching - while I teach about brain research, I also teach about teaching and learning. I believe in Dr. Howard Gardner's concept of Multiple Intelligence. Every person from early childhood to adult develops learning preferences that are unique and individual. When we teach as though every student learns in the same manner, we are cheating the very people we want to teach. Adding learning brain research to the mix also expands the potential for enrichment and understanding. I combine all of these aspects in my workshops for teachers.

Retreats are a wonderful way to experience any of these topics. Retreats (full day or weekend) allow time to explore concepts and connect with others.

I would be delighted to share my passion and knowledge in a "user friendly" way with any group interested in one or more of these avenues of growth and discovery.

What people are saying:

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful Caregiver Workshop. The Support Group Members truly enjoyed your presentation. I have received so many compliments and positive feedback and requests to have you join us again as well.

You bring such a fun, positive, supportive, caring, educational and light hearted approach to a very critical and important topic. Topics they deal with each and every day. Caregivers can relate to your teachings and love that you invite their participation in different exercises and share a surprise here and there.

I myself & others describe feeling uplifted after attending your workshop. Just the "Breath of Fresh Air" that they needed is also a comment.


Debra Dombkowski LPN - Adult Day Healthcare Supervisor - Council of Aging of Nassau County